The concept behind Dark City is to bring the local music scene in Asbury Park, NJ together to help network and promote with one another. Locally, we have a very large scene with great acts among different genres. Dark City is here to help connect musicians together to create the best showcases and events for bands to not only network but also gain more fans and essentially help the bands grow.
Christine Feola, Dark City’s mastermind, came up with this concept over the past couple of months while running the award winning Happy Mondays. Happy Mondays is a free showcase every Monday night at the Wonder Bar. While running these shows, she started to notice the true talent among the local scene here in Asbury Park. Each genre has amazing bands, all waiting to be recognized. By bringing in touring bands, the showcase turned from a local hang out to a place where bands were able to connect with one another and meet other musicians. The scene is growing and so is the talent.
Dark City is here to help local bands grow with each show and help network one another with other promoters in the area. Asbury Park is the place for bands to grow and Dark City is here to help!